In December 2015, Deena’s mom, Kristin, drove down from Florida with her husband and their two kids to pick up their kids from school.

After getting out of their car, they headed for their small apartment complex where Deena lived.

The two children had just arrived at school the day before.

The apartment was empty and the kids were playing outside, but Kristin couldn’t help but notice that Deena seemed really happy and that the place looked great.

She walked up to the front door and looked inside and immediately saw Deena with her kids.

She looked at her kids and realized that they looked different than the normal kids that were in the other apartment.

Deena was dressed in her normal clothes.

The kids had never seen her in her jersey before.

She was wearing a new jersey and had her hair in a bun.

The boys were in their usual school uniform, but Deena looked different.

They asked Kristin to check out the boys’ room.

She said that she had never before seen them in a uniform.

The girls and boys were very excited about the new jersey.

Deanna’s mom asked Kristind if she could check out some clothes and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Deena asked Kristina to give her some clothes to put in the closet.

Kristin said, I don’t care.

She had to make sure that everything was okay.

Kristind asked Deena what her favorite shirt was.

Deana said that the Yankees shirt was the coolest one.

Deenas mom asked her what she was wearing.

Kristina said, it was her normal uniform, white shirts, white shorts, and white socks.

Kristi asked if she was playing the Yankees.

Deene said, no, I am playing the New York Islanders jersey, but I am wearing this one because it has some Yankees on it.

Deens mom said, can you wear that one?

Deena replied, sure.

She then asked her mom what her jersey was supposed to be.

Kristine said, my jersey is for Deena, not me.

Deenne replied, well, I know I can’t wear my jersey because I don t know what I want to wear.

Deanne said, if you put me in a Yankees jersey, I would never want to be on the team.

Kristen said, okay, but you have to wear it.

Kristis eyes widened.

DeAnne said, how can you say that?

She then put her jersey on and took a picture with Kristi and Deena.

Kristy said, heres what I am gonna wear now.

Kristins reaction was priceless.

The next day, Deena and her teammates were practicing.

DeAnna went in the back and started practicing with Kristin.

Kristini was there to help.

DeEna said, its so hard to practice because I dont know what my teammates are wearing.

DeFran said, thats what its like when youve never seen us before, and thats why I cant go on the ice.

Kristie said, you know what?

Its hard to know who youre gonna be on a team with, but its the best feeling.

Kristing and Deenana were having a great time with their new jersey, and Deanna started wearing it as soon as they went to the locker room.

Kristinas mom, Deanna, told Deena to keep practicing.

She asked if Deen was having a good time, and Kristi replied, I dont think thats what she meant.

Delyn said, shes never seen a girl wear that jersey.

She also told her mom to put it on for her.

Kristice said, ok, I will put it over her.

DeENA said, Im going to take it off and put it in my closet.

DeAnnas mom, Kari, said, dont worry.

Its my new jersey too.

Kari went over to the back of the locker and put on the jersey.

KARI said, whats that?

The boys all looked at the jersey and were amazed.

Karis mom said to put the jersey on.

Kristic said, oh no, Im wearing my jersey.

The mom started to tell the boys to put on their jersey.

Kristian said, lets put it back on.

The whole team started to get excited about their new jerseys.

Krista said to them, dont forget to put their jerseys on.

They did.

The team went back to the rink and practiced hard.

DeGeneres jersey came off and Kristin put it down.

Kristyn said, i dont want to look like I wear my new Jersey, but Im gonna put it up and I am going to be like, im wearing a Yankees Jersey, and its cool.

Deja said, yeah, but dont forget the Yankees jersey is the coolest, the best.

DeLa said, im gonna wear my Yankees jersey.

Everyone looked