Angelina’s former team-mate and current boyfriend, James Packer, has revealed he thinks she will be playing in England again.

The starlet has been involved in several England and Wales friendly fixtures, with Packer stating “I think she’ll come back and she’ll play again”.

She also said she would “love” to play for the Premier League.

“I think if I can be the best that I can and be a world-class player, I’ll still love playing for her.”

She’s a lovely lady.

She’s a great role model and a fantastic role model for me.

“Packer added: “I just want to give her a hug every day.

She makes me feel good and it makes me laugh.

“And that’s something I’ve always been very lucky to do, because I’ve been around a lot of wonderful people, so I’ve had a lot to give.”

Packer added he hoped Angelina would be back in England after a hiatus.

“It’s a big thing for Angelina,” he said.

“She’s doing so well, and we’ll see what happens next.”

But she’ll definitely be back, and I think I’ll definitely still be in touch with her and she can always tell me if I want to meet her, so hopefully she’ll still be with us, but she’s not sure.

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