It’s a familiar scenario in the history of football.

A young star is averse to taking up the reins and wants to stay in his homeland, but the rest of his teammates have other ideas.

That’s why the Uruguay international was spotted on Wednesday morning in a Madrid hotel, after a friendly with Spanish side FC Barcelona. 

It is thought the two stars were having a laugh. 

“They are a good team, and they are happy,” said one of the players, who is close to the Uruguayan player.

“They are laughing and enjoying each other’s company.”

The player did not want to reveal the identity of the other player in the group, but said that the other is “just like Luis”. 

It’s believed the player is from the town of Santa Elena, near the border with Colombia.

“I’m not sure if I have seen him, but he’s quite a big guy,” he said.

“He’s around 30 years old.

It’s not that he’s an old man, it’s that he has the same height as a normal guy. 

The player, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Messi was in town for the weekend, and had “a very good time”.”

We’re in a very good group, and we’ll see what happens,” he added. 

Messi’s absence from the team was first revealed by La Liga’s official website, where the Uruguay striker had been missing since October. 

But, after he was spotted in Madrid last night, the team appeared to have decided that the former Barca star had “got away” and returned home.”

It’s the worst situation for us.

However, the coach of the team, Juan Carlos Sanchez, was adamant that the two men were not playing for the team. “

We’ve been together for years and we’re not playing in the same team.” 

However, the coach of the team, Juan Carlos Sanchez, was adamant that the two men were not playing for the team. 

He said that it was not a problem with Messi, but that his absence was due to “some problems” with his passport. 

 However it is believed that Messi is “still in the hospital” and could return in the near future. 

When asked if Messi’s team had a reason to be concerned about him, the player responded: “No, not really.

I’m happy in Barcelona, in the team and happy in the club.

It doesn’t matter to me what happened with Messi.

It just doesn’t.

It can’t be a problem.