The Milan forward has made a number of public claims about doping in football in recent years. 

Deen has claimed that he had the benefit of a test carried out by a scientist and the player himself believes he is the subject of an attempt to defraud him of millions of euros by a drug company. 

However, Deen has denied the allegations and has repeatedly stated that he is innocent of any wrongdoing. 

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Deena has now made the admission that he tested positive for EPO in January and had been under investigation since then. 

The paper claims that Deena had tested positive at the beginning of the year after being taken to a hospital for a suspected blood clot. 

A representative for the player was not immediately available for comment. 

In a statement on the Italian football website Il Giornale, Deeni said he “deeply regrets” the statements he made in the past and “in the face of all the tests that were carried out, I cannot say anything.

I have no regrets.” “

I have had an incredible career and I would like to thank the doctors, who tested me, for the tests.

I have no regrets.” 

In addition to Deeni, former Milan forward Gianluigi Donnarumma has also admitted to doping and is currently facing charges over an alleged drug deal. 

While the two former players were never tested by a lab, Deene claimed that they did not have a negative result because they had received an injection. 

Il Giornalfo added that Donnaramma was also accused of using the EPO but did not provide any details on how the test was carried out. 

As well as his alleged role in the EPB scandal, Deens is also currently in court over an investigation into allegations that he was paid €100,000 by a former Milan team-mate. 

After the allegations surfaced, the Milanese striker was reportedly ordered to take part in a DNA test, a process he had previously refused to do due to the risks involved. 

This resulted in the Milan president claiming that Deen was “not fit to be Milan’s president” in a press conference last week. 

Meanwhile, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain are reportedly in talks to sign Deen.