New Manchester United fans can be confident in saying they’ve got their man on their sleeves when they wear their new Manchester United shirt, as the kitmaker has released a series of videos to show off its iconic red, white and blue.

Moguls are also being sold in stores, but they are not quite as plentiful as in previous years, with some being limited to a handful of shops.

The new shirt has a red collar and blue shoulder patches and features a new crest that is similar to the current logo.

New Manchester United kits are available from retailers in the UK and will be available in the United States from September 1, 2018.

What you need to know about the new Manchester City kit: This new kit is a huge step up from last season’s kit, with the new crest being a little different to the old one.

The design looks more futuristic, with blue and white stripes running across the front of the shirt.

The kit features the city’s name on the front, with yellow and white on the sides.

Manchester City have been crowned as the Premier League champions, which means they have been in the top four for the past five years.