New Jersey’s jersey mike has been a favorite of many of the NHL’s stars for decades, but with the season just beginning, fans and players alike are getting a little worried.

A new study by Dr. Matthew Houser and Dr. Sarah J. Givens, both at the University of South Florida, suggests that the jersey is starting to look a little more janky, with a noticeable lack of the traditional “J” or “O” on the back of the jersey.

“We’ve noticed that the new Jersey jersey has been looking a little janky,” Givins said.

“The logo is a little weird and a little odd.

It looks like it’s been painted over a lot.

The seams on the jersey seem to be slightly off.”

What does that mean for the future of the New York Islanders?

While many teams may be getting away with some of the oddest jersey designs, the Islanders are not among them.

The team is already facing the prospect of losing their home opener against the Pittsburgh Penguins in what will be a grueling game in front of a sold-out crowd, but Givin and Housers hope that the jerseys’ weirdness could help to make the Islanders a bit more appealing to the general public.

“The fans, the media, the players, I think there’s a bit of a lack of understanding of what’s going on,” Housher said.

“But the people who are paying attention, the fans are really interested in what’s happening on the ice.”

While some fans may be frustrated with the team’s new jersey, others might be happy with the change.

“I think it’s a great way to go about things,” Givas said.