The NBA is set to sell the most expensive jerseys ever, as the league’s new owners attempt to expand its popularity beyond its fan base and the NBA itself.

The league’s jersey sales will be capped at $4.9 billion.

That’s more than three times the amount that Nike and Adidas will sell this season, and more than double the amount they sold in 2012.

The $4 billion is a record in the history of the league, according to a league spokesperson.

The total amount of NBA merchandise is estimated to be more than $3 billion.

In the past, the average NFL jersey sold for $250.

Now, it could be even more.

The average NBA jersey sold is estimated at $200.

That number is up about 50 percent from 2012, according the NBA.

It’s up to $50 more than last year, and $10 more than the record for the most NBA jersey ever sold.

The new owners are trying to make the game even more popular, so they’re targeting young fans, who are the NBA leaders in buying jerseys.

They’re hoping that this new model will help them attract fans of other sports, including college football and soccer.

“We’re trying to get young people who have never seen a sports jersey in their life, who have not been in the market for a sports-related jersey in a long time, and really get them excited to try something new,” said Jason Levien, president and CEO of the New York Knicks.

The Knicks have been among the NBA franchises to get the most attention from the new owners, as they will continue to sell their jerseys, which they have since 2009.

The team has been the league leader in jersey sales, which has led to the team’s first winning season since 2007.

The Knicks are expected to have some $1.5 billion in revenue for the year, which is about $100 million less than the previous record.

The NBA’s newest owner is the NBA and its parent company, the NBA Properties, the company that owns the Knicks, the Knicks’ home arena, and other sports teams.

The new owners plan to spend about $3.8 billion on jersey sales over the next five years, which equates to roughly $7 million per team.

The NFL is expected to be the next biggest seller, and that’s because the NFL is so big.

The NFL is already a multi-billion dollar brand, with $7.5 to $9 billion in jersey revenue each year.

The NBA plans to spend more than twice as much this season than the NFL, according a source.

The New York Giants will be the most popular team, with more than a million jerseys sold in 2017.

The league is also expected to sell more than 200 million uniforms, and the number of NFL jerseys sold could be as high as 250 million.

The jersey sales are expected over the course of the next decade, which will also be the NBA season.

According to league sources, the team with the most jerseys sold is the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints sold more than 2 million jerseys last season, which makes them the most sold team in the NFL.

The next most popular NBA team will be Cleveland Cavaliers, according.

The Cavaliers have been the most successful team in recent years, and they’re the first team to sell over 250 million jerseys since the team was founded in 1968.

The Cavs have sold more jersey than any other NBA team, and sold more jerseys in 2017 than any team.

That’s a good sign, according NFL executive vice president of sales and marketing David DeAngelo.

He said that teams have to keep growing in order to get fans excited about their teams.

“When you’re growing and you have more revenue than your competitors, you have to be in the top 10 or top 10 in terms of jersey sales,” he said.

The other new team to make an appearance in the jersey sales spotlight is the Miami Heat.

The Heat sold about 1.5 million jerseys in 2018.

That means the Heat sold over 250,000 jerseys last year.

According to a source, the Heat are expected be the team to get most of the attention.

The Miami Heat is the team that has the most jersey sales in the NBA in 2018, according league sources.

This is not to say that the Heat is likely to be next.

According the source, “The Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Pelicans are still on the roster, but there is not a lot of interest in those teams in terms a jersey or in terms jersey sales.

But the Heat’s jersey and apparel sales have grown at an incredible rate and the Miami market is going to be big in the coming years.”

The next new team will likely be the Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks sold over 500,000 jersey in 2018 alone, which made them the fourth most popular franchise in the league.

The next most interesting team to be sold is likely the San Antonio Spurs, which are the team currently owned by San Antonio owner Joe Lacob. The