The NBA is in the midst of a big rebuild and is currently in search of a new jersey design, with the first jersey design being unveiled today by the league.

According to The New York Times, the jerseys are the first from the brand that has been designed in partnership with Adidas.

It also confirms that the jerseys will be the first to be released during the new league year, which starts next week.

According the New York Post, the NBA will unveil the jerseys at the start of the league’s home opener on Monday, April 14.

The jerseys, which feature a variety of logos, will be available to fans in a limited time starting at 11:59pm ET on April 12, and will also be available at select Nike retail locations.

The jerseys will also feature the NBA All-Star Game logo, which is also featured on the NBA logo on the front of the jersey.

The NBA is known for their extensive design team that includes Nike, adidas, and more, but they are looking to go even further with the jerseys.

While the jerseys may not be as hyped as the NBA has been for the last few years, the team has made it clear that they have an eye on the future and look forward to making new fans feel like they belong.

For fans, the jersey design is likely to be a huge hit, as many fans will be excited about the prospect of being able to wear the new designs.

For the league, the new jerseys are an easy way to make a splash in the game.

With more than $1 billion being spent on new uniforms every year, it’s no surprise that this new jersey is one of the most hypable jerseys the league has ever released.

Source: The Next 20: The Most Anticipated New NBA Jerseys