By Tom RinaldiThe latest jersey trend is to add the new jersey to the game and then use it on the field to make a difference in the way fans react to the players on the other team.

The new jerseys that have been popping up on the sidelines in recent seasons have been a welcome change, but we can’t go into detail about how to do it without the help of our friends at

Here’s how to make those jerseys look great.

First, we’ll need to install a new, custom jersey in our league.

To do this, visit and enter the name of the league you’re playing in.

Click on the “Custom jersey” link in the sidebar and select the jersey you want to make the new logo for.

Then, click on the plus sign in the top right corner of the screen and choose “Add Custom Logo”.

The logo you create will appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen and will look something like this:After you’ve added your custom logo, we recommend creating a custom league, so we’re going to use the New Jersey Nets to do that.

To add a New Jersey team to your league, visit and enter their name in the search bar.

You can find more details about adding teams to your leagues at that link.

Once you’re done, click “Next” to get to the jersey builder section.

Once the builder window opens, click the “Add” button at the top of the page.

The builder window will pop up.

Type in the name you’d like to use for your team and click “Add”.

Your new logo should look something similar to this:Once your team has been added to your League, you’ll see the team name in red next to the logo.

To edit the name, click and drag the name over to your list of options.

You’ll be prompted to enter your league name, which is the name that’s in the logo on the right.

You may want to change the color of the name to make it stand out.

When you’re finished editing your name, you can close the jersey maker window.

Next, you’re going go back to the “Team Info” section.

In the “Info” section, click through the information to get a rundown of your team.

If you don’t see your team listed, you may have a custom name for your league.

In that case, go to the league page on jerseyboy and select “Custom Name” to add your custom name to the League.

Once your name is on the roster, click over to the roster page.

At the bottom of the roster is a new “Profile” section with all the information you’ll need about your roster.

The profile section is a great place to go to see all of the information that’s on your roster, but it’s also a good place to update information like your team’s jersey number, jersey number of the jersey with which you’re currently wearing, jersey’s jersey count, jersey color, and so on.

Click the “Profile Info” button in the “Roster Info” page.

Click the “Edit” button on the bottom left of the “Player Info” tab.

Once you’re ready to create your custom jersey, click OK.

When the new custom jersey is complete, you should see it on your team in the left side of your player info screen.

To save the logo you just created, click Save.

When your jersey has been saved, click in the jersey name bar to bring up the “Stats” section of your jersey builder.

In this section, you have to select the new name you’ve just created and then click the + button in your header.

The jersey builder will pop-up with all of your information about your team, including your jersey number and jersey count.

You should see the new uniform number for your jersey, jersey count for your teams jersey, and the number of jerseys you own.