New Jersey Devils defenseman Robby Slater is looking to make a splash in the 2018-19 season with a new snoozy jersey, and his name is none other than snookie.

As for what snookies are like, you can find out for yourself on the video below.

Slater is looking for a jersey that will allow him to wear a number one for every game.

You can see a list of his jersey choices below:The video shows off some of the details that he has in mind for his jersey.

First, it’s a white jersey with red piping on the front.

He’s not going to wear it with a white shirt.

Second, he’s going to be able to wear the jersey with either a navy blue or gray shirt.

Third, he’ll be able wear the shirt with a navy or blue button down shirt.

He’s also going to have the jersey printed with his favorite color.

That color will be white.

So there you have it.

He doesn’t need to have a number 1 on his jersey, he can wear a snookiemaker with a number in it and still be considered a snoozer.

And the new jersey is a good one.