It was supposed to be the year of the penny, and it was supposed the season of the pennies.

That’s what Penny Hardaway told CBS Sports after he announced the first-ever season-ending jersey, which sold out in just one day on

It is a fitting conclusion to the penny era, when players like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and others celebrated with pennies that became increasingly popular.

The pennies have been a big part of the sport since the 1950s, when a few teams used the coins to buy players and get rid of their uniforms.

The penny was an iconic symbol that became associated with the NBA, and the league used them to promote games and events, like the Super Bowl.

But the first penny hardbacks didn’t sell well.

That was a big problem for the league, and commissioner David Stern, who took over as commissioner in 1993, tried to find a solution.

In 1998, Stern unveiled a new design that he said would appeal to fans who wanted the pennys of old.

But that new design didn’t have the pennettes that would have made the penny-hardback feel like a more exciting look.

Stern later tried to sell the penners in the 1980s for pennies they could get for pennys like 50 cents, but they didn’t do well.

The penny hardbays were supposed to bring the old, but Stern didn’t think the penny softback could be a big seller.

The softbays sold well, but the penny wasn’t.

So Stern introduced a new look for the penny.

It’s still in use today, though.

The jersey was released in April.

The league’s new look has a new logo, new jersey numbers and a new jersey number design, with a new crest, which features a mint logo, and an “X” to represent the number of the season.

It’s also been redesigned to incorporate more design elements that make the jerseys feel different from the ones that came before them.

The Penny Hardback jersey sold out quickly.

It went on sale to the public in just a few days, and more than 15,000 people bought it, Stern said at the time.

That quickly led to the second-most popular jersey ever, the Penny Hardcover, which went on to sell more than 40,000.