North Carolina’s state flag has come under fire for being too black, with some people calling for it to be changed to a white version.

The flag is a popular and iconic symbol of the state, which has long represented the North’s strong southern roots.

It was also used as a national symbol, with the North Carolina flag being flown over the state capitol and state cap on the North Carolinian side of the border.

The state’s flag has a red, white and blue strip with the state motto, “One Nation Under God,” and a black cross with a star above it.

It has a state seal with the motto “North Carolina, The Republic” in white letters above the seal.

North Carolina’s current flag is the flag that flew over the North Capitol in Raleigh for more than 100 years.

It is currently the only state flag to feature the stars and stripes of the Confederate States of America, which was an armed Confederate military group that fought against the United States in the Civil War.

Some critics, however, say the design is too black.

The white stripe on the flag makes it appear black, while the black flag is white.

“It looks very black.

You can’t even see the stars, which is unfortunate,” said Matt Breen, a professor at North Carolina State University.

Breen said the white flag has been used to show allegiance to Confederate leaders and symbols.

The state also has a white stripe for the Confederate flag, and a blue stripe for Confederate troops, he said.

Breen is one of many people who have criticized the flag for being white, calling it too black and lacking in colors.

“The problem is that the white stripe is so black that it makes the flag seem white,” Breen said.

A white flag is often seen in the United Kingdom, Canada and Europe.

While many people have praised the flag’s design, others have criticized its color scheme.

According to the U.S. flag, the red, blue and white stripes are used to denote the stars of the United Nations and the stripes represent the American flag.

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