A new trend in jerseys has been making its way to the National League: “Jersey Shore” jerseys.

The shirts feature bright blue, red and white stripes and a bright green and white logo, and sell for about $12 each.

The jerseys are popular with Washington fans and fans of the Nationals, who have been wearing them for months.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Nationals outfielder Denard Span said the jersey trend has started with his hometown team, and now extends to the teams around the country.

“When you have a group of fans, and they love your team and they know your team’s history, they want to see a jersey that’s like a piece of history, and I think that’s something that we’ve definitely started to see with our fans,” Span said.

“We’ve seen them buying jerseys with the logo, they’re buying jerseys in colors that look like their jersey.

We’ve seen some of them have jerseys that are like, ‘We don’t know how we’re going to be able to get a jersey like that.’

And we’ve seen people buying them with the logos of other teams.

It’s really cool.”

The jerseys started popping up in July and August, but the trend has only grown in popularity since then.

The new trend has even caught the attention of the Washington Nationals, whose mascot is a mermaid named Maelstrom.

Maelström, as she is called in the jersey, has been a huge hit for the team.

Fans of the team have been snapping up Maelstraum shirts and t-shirts with the Maelstroms logo on them.

And it looks like Maelstorm will soon have a new home on the jerseys.

“I think people are just really passionate about it,” Span told the Post.

So we’re really excited to have them on the team, because they represent so much to us.” “

They’re also a great source of inspiration for us as well.

So we’re really excited to have them on the team, because they represent so much to us.”

The Nationals are the reigning American League champs.

They’re in the playoffs for the third time in five years, and have been a playoff team since their 2008 title.