When you’re on a road trip to the NHL’s New Jersey outpost, there’s a chance you’re going to come across a jersey that is not only the best you’ve ever worn, but also the most coveted.

Here’s what you need to know about those that you’ll likely be wearing.

The New Jersey Devil is a brand that started in the NHL, but now includes the Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Stars, Carolina Hurricanes, and Pittsburgh Penguins as well as the New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Washington Capitals, New Jersey, Boston Bruins, and Philadelphia Flyers.

They are all the way in New Jersey.

While the Devils are the oldest of the NHL teams, they are also the oldest team in the Eastern Conference.

They won the Presidents Trophy in the National Hockey League in 2015-16.

They finished with a winning percentage of .915, which was good for first in the conference.

The Devils won the Stanley Cup in 2016-17.

They were the first team to win the Presidents’ Trophy since the Chicago Blackhawks in 1991-92.

They also won the conference title.

In the Eastern conference, the Devils finished with the fourth-highest percentage of points per game (1.26).

The Devils were fifth in goals per game at 1.32, and their defensemen were fifth at 1,933.

The Devils led the league in penalty killing at 13.4% and were sixth in power play at 37.1%.

The Devils also had the best shooting percentage at 59.1%, third in shots against at a mere 16.9%, and fourth in faceoffs taken at a scant 13.5%.

The Devils also were one of the few teams to average more than one goal per game.

The team averaged 5.31 goals per team and posted a net-positive 5.1% shooting percentage.

They had a penalty kill percentage of a whopping 50.9% and led the NHL in faceoff wins at 14.3% and allowed the fewest shots against per game in the league at 2.17.

New Jersey was one of just four teams that had fewer than five players on the roster in the 2017-18 season.

The rest were in the minors.

New Jersey was the only other team to not have one of its two goalies play at least 40 games.

The team has won the Norris Trophy five times since 2011-12.

The last one was in 2016.

They have also been to the conference finals four times, including two times as a Wild team.

The second time they went to the playoffs was in 2014.

New York was also the only team to have more than three wins in the first round of the Stanley.

They didn’t do it twice as they had four losses in the series to the St. Louis Blues in 2014 and one loss to the Boston Bruins in 2016, which would be the first time they hadn’t won consecutive series in the playoffs.

They finished the season ranked eighth in goals-against average (2.00), which was a full point higher than any other team in hockey.

New England had the league’s third-best defense and had one of only three teams in the Metropolitan Division that had a lower goals-for percentage than New Jersey’s.

The Penguins had the second-best goal differential at plus-3.5 and the third-highest power play percentage at 57.1.

They led the League in shots on goal (15.4%), which was third in the League behind Boston and Washington.

The Bruins were one team to get to the Western Conference finals twice, but only because of the Wild winning two straight Cups.

The other two teams, the Los Angeles Kings and Dallas Stars finished with three losses.

The only other NHL team that did not win the Stanley Cups in the last two seasons was the Philadelphia 76ers in 2017-2018.

They got to the finals only due to their two losses to the Kings in 2015 and 2016, both in the Western conference.

The 76ers finished with an 18-15-4 record.

The Ducks had the worst record in the AHL at 19-29-4.

They lost three of their last four, but still made the playoffs by advancing to the second round.

They did lose in the second game of the series, but they were victorious and defeated the Kings 3-2.

The Ducks also won a Calder Cup.

The Avalanche were one franchise that had one losing season in franchise history, which is a little more than a half a season ago.

They missed the playoffs last season and went on a losing streak, finishing last in the Pacific Division.

They won the Calder Cup in 2015, but missed the postseason for the second straight year.

They made the Western playoffs again in 2016 and won a first-round series in 2017.

They will finish the season with the seventh-worst record in their history.

The Predators have been in the Stanley playoffs three of the last four years.

They entered this season with a record of 25-19-6, which ranked third in hockey behind only the Detroit