Tua Toka’s career has taken a dramatic turn after he won the NRL Tua-Tua title as the Wellington Storm beat the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, to lift the New Zealand team to the Tua Taonga Trophy final.

Key points:Tua Tokahalolo is a New Zealand star, and his win is a significant achievement for the teamThe Bulldogs had won two of their past three finalsTua Tulla has been the club’s best player and the Storm are looking to build on the momentum of his successful debut seasonThe Storm have won two finals this season, but this was the first time they’ve beaten the Bulldogs since their NRL Grand Final triumph in 2018.

The Bulldogs took a commanding 2-0 lead in the opening quarter but Teu-Tulla made the Bulldogs pay when he hit from range in the corner.

It was the second try of his career, after he had converted a penalty try in the second quarter against the Titans.

The Storm had won just three of their previous 12 finals games and the Bulldogs are still trying to find their feet after their massive rebuild.

But Tokahololo was a big part of the Storm’s victory.

The 17-year-old scored three tries, including a penalty, to earn his side a 25-14 victory.

“Tua is a special player,” said Storm coach Paul McGregor.

“He’s a special guy, a special individual, he’s a young man who’s very talented and we know he’ll have the chance to play a lot of games.”

New Zealand rugby league had already celebrated the return of the NRL’s highest-scoring player, Rory Arnold, with a grand final.

Tonga had dominated for much of the year but this win was their first in the competition since their World Cup victory over the Knights in March.

New Zealand are hoping to build upon that success in 2018, which saw them claim the championship.

“The win today was a significant result for the Wellington squad,” said McGregor.

The Bulldogs’ next match is against the Canberra Raiders on Sunday.”

We’ll be hoping that they can continue to build that momentum and we’ll continue to work hard and build that foundation.”

The Bulldogs’ next match is against the Canberra Raiders on Sunday.