A $1 million jackpot has been won in a sweepstakes that goes to Twitter.

The jackpot, which was posted in March, was a $300,000 “bounty” that was posted to Twitter, according to a tweet by a Twitter user.

Twitter has not commented on the details of the jackpot and the Twitter account that won the $1m jackpot.

However, the winning tweet included the message: “Congratulations @jackierobinson on winning $1M in the Twitter #bounty2Winners2Gambling promotion.

You will receive a bonus of $100 per Tweet on any purchase of $1K or more.

To enter, tweet $1 with the hashtag #buntip and enter your twitter username @jackiesrobinson or @jackysrobinson2″.

The Twitter account won the jackpots in five different states, including New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Jackie Robinson jersey was the most-watched sports jersey during the 2017-18 NHL season, according the website sportsbetting.com.

It was also the most popular sports jersey on Facebook, with nearly 5 million likes.