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The NBA’s top draft pick has just signed with the Chicago Bulls, which is the third NBA team to have signed him this offseason.

According to ESPN, Hardaway has agreed to a three-year, $20 million contract with the Bulls.

He is expected to be paid $10 million per season.

The Chicago Bulls are the only team to sign Hardaway this offseason, joining the Los Angeles Lakers and the Atlanta Hawks.

The 27-year-old will be joined by teammate Derrick Rose, who also played for the Bulls for four seasons, and former team star Jordan Clarkson.

The Bulls are also expected to sign free agent guard Jimmy Butler to a two-year contract, which was reportedly worth $7.4 million.

In addition, the Bulls also signed veteran forward Chris Bosh, who is expected be worth $25 million per year.

In a statement to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the team said Hardaway and the Bulls “agreed to a one-year deal in the summer of 2018, bringing a wealth of experience to the table for our team.”

The Bulls will have their first cap space after the 2018-19 season when the salary cap is projected to rise to $91 million.

The team also will be required to add at least $3.2 million in salary for the 2018 offseason.

Hardaway is a versatile offensive threat who was a four-time All-Star and two-time MVP.

He averaged 12.3 points and 9.5 rebounds in 2016-17.

He also was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player in 2017-18.

The Bucks also added veteran forward Brandon Jennings in free agency.

The Bucks signed Jennings in March of 2019 and the former All-NBA guard will make $11.5 million in 2018-2019.

Hardy is a five-time NBA All-Defensive First Team selection and the franchise’s first-ever All-Time leader in rebounds.

He has averaged 14.7 points and 8.1 rebounds in his four seasons with the Bucks.

Hardaways first two NBA seasons were spent with the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers.

The Sixers were the first team to draft him in 2015.