The NBA is expected to unveil new uniform and jersey tax measures this week that will be introduced by the league’s executive committee on Tuesday, the league said in a release.

The new measures will increase the number of jersey tax collections, which are collected by retailers and restaurants that sell merchandise to NBA players, and the amount of jersey sales to teams.

They are expected to include a new jersey-tax revenue-sharing formula that the league hopes will allow teams to compete for more revenue.

“The NBA and its clubs have had a good relationship for years,” Commissioner Adam Silver said.

“We’ve worked hard to make the game accessible to fans, and we’re very excited to get to work.”

The NBA has had a difficult season and had a $1.3 billion revenue shortfall last season.

The league’s revenue is expected grow to $3.9 billion this season.

That will be about half of the $6.5 billion the league has forecast in its latest fiscal year, which ended March 31.

The league has been criticized for using revenue-share money to help pay for a new stadium in Las Vegas.

The city had hoped to pay for the arena with a tax increase.

But the NBA and the Nevada state legislature agreed to a compromise that would allow the city to keep the stadium tax revenue, but the state would get a portion of it.

The NBA has also been criticized by lawmakers for not paying for new infrastructure for its arenas.

The NFL, which also paid for the Las Vegas project, has a stadium subsidy program in place.

The NBA’s revenue-tax increases will apply to all teams in the league, not just the NBA.

The tax is the same for every team, regardless of the size of the franchise.

In addition, teams are exempt from the jersey tax if they make more than $2 million in revenue-shares this season or every other season.