The New York Knicks have just one home game this season, against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night.

And it’s not the home opener.

The Knicks will play their next game on the road in Brooklyn on Saturday.

But the game itself is going to be a little different.

The Knicks have already made changes to their uniforms this season.

They’ll wear the black jersey with the white stripe that’s been worn on their jerseys since their 2009-10 season.

And they’ll have a new look.

And the biggest change is the jersey’s design.

The jersey will have a stripe on the front, which has become synonymous with the team’s logo.

The logo itself is gone, replaced by a stripe.

The word “JETS” will be on the back.

And that stripe will have the Knicks name on it, instead of the team name.

The changes make sense.

This season has been the most successful of any team since the inception of the NBA.

The New Jersey Nets have won the last three titles and the Knicks have been the league’s best team for more than three years.

And this new look should help the Knicks in that regard.

The most important part of this jersey redesign is that the Knicks will not wear the old logo on their uniforms.

The old logo was an iconic part of the league and was worn by the team throughout the season.

The new logo will be the most iconic part, but it will be also one of the least recognizable.

The new logo has also been redesigned.

Instead of the triangle and stars, the triangle is replaced with a star that looks like it’s going to break off at the bottom.

The stars are now the “R” of the logo.

And there’s also a “W” on the bottom of the star.

The stars and stripes were also the stars of the new “Rising Stars” uniforms the Knicks wore last season.

When the stars were removed, the stars had a much more dramatic effect on the game, and the uniform didn’t look as nice as it did on the old jerseys.

That led to some negative reactions.

So, the new logo also has a bit more impact.

The jersey will be a bit different.

The stripes will be white instead of black.

And instead of using the same font as the current jerseys, the jerseys will be made from a different font.

That’s because the new fonts are going to look a little more modern.

But if you look closely, you can see that the stars and white stripes are still there.

The only thing that’s changed is that they’re now white.

The design is going in the right direction.

I’ve always been a fan of the stripes.

And now, I know the new stripes will make sense, and they’ll look good.

The star has a little less of a chance to break away from the stripes at the top, and instead of going the other way, it will go around the stripe.

I like that.

The star on the left is gone.

The “R.” has been replaced with the word “MILLIONS” and the word ”LIONS.

“And the “W.” is gone as well.

The white stripe is gone and the stripes are now white with a black stripe at the end.

The overall effect is a much nicer jersey, with a brighter blue stripe and a white star.

It’s not just a new logo; it’s a much better design.

And even if the Knicks don’t win the series, the design should still look better than the old one.

I’m excited about the jersey redesign.

I know I’ll probably wear the new jersey once again when I go to a Knicks game, so I hope they’re right.