A few weeks ago, it looked like the new governor would be one of the biggest changes in the nation’s politics since the first administration took office in January.

It was a welcome change, and it was a clear sign that Trump was making good on his pledge to build an economy that was good for the American people.

But the governor of the state where Trump was born and raised has become a far more contentious figure.

Trump was quick to take aim at Gov.

Kate Brown, a Democrat who lost to Trump in the 2016 election.

“California needs a new governor who will stand up for the working men and women of this state,” Trump tweeted on Feb. 12.

“She is not the right person to be the next governor of #CA.”

A week later, Trump went after Brown again, this time on Twitter: “The new Gov.

of California, Kate Brown.

She is not what we need in California!”

The tweet came days after Brown told The Associated Press she would not seek a second term as governor.

The comments came after Brown had signed a bill that created a statewide sales tax, effectively ending the state’s sales tax freeze.

Trump’s criticism was quickly picked up by other Democrats and a wide array of conservatives, including prominent conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham.

In an interview with Fox News on Feb, 13, Ingraham called the new Governor of California “a complete mess” who was “running California like a business, taking it over like a toy shop, using taxpayer money to fund the things that she knows don’t work.”

The criticism is part of an effort by the new administration to turn the Golden State into a “land of the free,” with no taxes or regulations and no one who is willing to stand up to the Trump regime.

While Trump has been vocal in his criticism of Brown, it is unclear how much of that criticism is motivated by his feelings toward Brown or if it is just an attempt to gain political advantage.

It could be that the backlash against Brown comes as a response to her strong support of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In February, Brown had endorsed Trump’s campaign for president, and Brown has been one of Trump’s most vocal critics on Twitter since then.

The president has also repeatedly accused Brown of not standing up to him.

In May, Trump was caught on tape boasting about his ability to get away with grabbing women’s genitals, which he has said was a “body language thing.”

In the video, Trump is heard making disparaging remarks about Brown’s body and claiming she is “too fat to be president.”

The backlash against the new California governor has already begun.

On Wednesday, the Associated Press published an article saying that Brown had been removed from the list of governors to be considered for consideration by the Trump transition team.

The AP said Brown’s removal “was based on the Trump team’s desire to avoid a full-blown conflict with her own state,” according to the AP.

A spokesperson for the governor said that she was not being removed from consideration, according to The Associated Statesman.

“The transition team has said they want to get to know the governor,” the spokesperson said.

“There is no conflict of interest.”

A spokesman for the California Democratic Party said Brown was not removed from her position as governor because of the criticism directed at her.

“Kate Brown is not going anywhere, and she will remain the state Democratic Party chair,” said spokesman John Tunison.


Brown has a long history of supporting progressive causes.

She will continue to serve in her capacity as chair and work for all Californians.”

It’s unclear how many Californians were upset with Brown for her support of the Trump Administration.

There are many who are unhappy with the way Brown handled the presidential campaign, but the governor has a track record of making decisions that benefit the working people of California.

The first lady and several other California politicians have faced controversy for supporting the California Dream Act, which would have made it easier for people in the state to pursue college educations and the jobs they want.

Brown supported the legislation, which was blocked by a judge in a California Supreme Court case, but she ultimately supported the bill in 2018.

Brown’s decision to support the bill is also being questioned by the Democratic National Committee, which is investigating the possibility of the new Democratic governor replacing Brown as chair.

The new California Governor is a much more divisive figure than the previous one.

She has been criticized for supporting Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, and her decision to sign a controversial immigration bill that critics say will make it easier to deport undocumented immigrants.

She also supported the state of California’s ban on fracking, which many see as a move to expand the fossil fuel industry and drive down the state energy costs.