All that remains is the question of when, and where, the jersey will return to the ice.

The first clue came in early January, when all eyes were on the Vancouver Canucks to try and get the North to a game in Boston.

While they were not able to do so, the team was able to secure an agreement with North Jersey Shore Hospital for an emergency visit for their injured captain, Allen Iverson.

It was expected that the North would be out for two weeks.

But that is not the case.

On Wednesday, January 18, the North Jersey coast got a very different news: North Jersey Hospital has agreed to release Allen Iveson from hospital and give him the opportunity to return to ice hockey.

The team announced that after a week of waiting, the player has been cleared to resume skating.

Iveson is not expected to return for another two weeks, as he will need to get a full scan to determine the severity of his injuries.

The Norths doctors are still evaluating the player’s injuries, but they believe he is in good shape.

“He’s a very, very strong guy and we’re happy to see him back on ice,” said team captain Andrew MacDonald.

“He’s had a long and arduous recovery and we want to give him every opportunity to get back on track.”

In a video from the hospital’s Twitter account, Ivesan talks to a hospital nurse and tells her that he will be ready to go.

He has not been on the field since January 23.

After a week off, Iversan will now be able to skate with the team and will be able return to practice on January 24.

In the meantime, the players are hoping to make their way back to the rink.

One of the more memorable moments during the Canucks season was when North Jersey’s North Shore Hospital staff went to the game and were forced to use an air horn.

If the team is able to return from its injury rehab, the game will be televised live on Fox Sports North.

North Jersey has been without an NHL team for six years, but the team has had some success in recent years, winning the Memorial Cup and the Calder Cup.

More to come.