A few weeks ago, when the Celtics hosted the Bulls, I was in a Boston bar with friends.

They were all dressed in black, and when one of the guys asked if he could borrow Damian Lillad’s jersey, the man said yes.

As he passed the bar, he asked if it would be OK if I handed him my phone and texted my friend to say hello.

When I asked him what I should tell him, he told me to call him when the Bulls played the Celtics.

I told him to call me, and he did.

Lillard was a free agent this summer and could have signed with a number of teams, but he opted to stay with the Bulls.

His jersey was on the court in front of a crowd that included Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum and Chicago Bulls guard Anthony Bennett, who was wearing a Celtics jersey.

That moment helped me realize that Lillard is one of a handful of players I’ve seen in my life who is a true basketball icon.

The fact that Lilladin is an avid Celtics fan is just icing on the cake.

The Bulls have won two championships, and Lillard, who is averaging 25.4 points and 9.5 rebounds, is arguably the team’s most popular player.

The team is on a seven-game winning streak, and in the midst of the run, Lillard has become one of their most important players.

Lilladen also has an endorsement deal with the company, and last year, he wore a special Bulls jersey for a game against the Knicks, wearing a hat emblazoned with the number 18, which stands for his initials.

This season, he will wear the same number for the Bulls’ games against the Spurs and Cavaliers.

Llladin is the first player in Bulls history to wear an 18-year-old jersey, and his jersey has been on the basketball court since 2010.

After being traded from the Celtics to the Bulls last summer, Lilladild has not missed a game, and now, in his second season in Boston, he is on pace for more than 30,000 points and more than 50,000 rebounds.

He has also become a huge part of the team.

He is a leader, a great teammate, a role model and a regular on the bench.

He leads the team in rebounding and assists, and recently won the Most Valuable Player award, which honors the player with the best season.

And while Lillalds career has taken a turn for the better, his legacy in Chicago is far from done.

I remember when I was little and he was playing for the Celtics and being on the team, and I wanted to be like him.

And now I have to watch him every game, even on the road, and go, “Oh, wow.”

Lilladia, 22, played for the Knicks from 2011-2014, and was a part of several championship teams, including the 2010-11 championship team.

But the Celtics have been his team since he first came to the league, and this year, they are going to miss him.

For me, he was a basketball player, but his story is the story of so many other young athletes.

He was the first kid I knew growing up.

I played basketball in the backyard in my backyard.

We were always good, but I always had to work hard.

When we first started out, I could shoot 3s and jump, and my teammates thought I was a great shooter.

I would always get into trouble because I didn’t always have good skills.

I always struggled with fundamentals.

Lellad’s journey started with basketball, and for a few years, he lived the dream of a lot of other kids his age.

He grew up playing for a team that had won the championship in his hometown, but lost to the NBA champion Lakers in his first season.

He struggled with substance abuse, and after a series of drug charges, he quit the team after a game.

The Celtics won the title, but Lelladin struggled through another year of drugs, and finally, the NBA suspended him for the entire season.

Lilliad was a role player on the Bulls for years.

He would do anything for the team and get his team to the playoffs.

Lillinad had his ups and downs.

But he always played for his team, which was just what he needed.

But when the team was in the playoffs, he didn’t play because of his drugs and alcohol issues.

But this season, Lilliade is playing on a Bulls team that is playing in the first round of the playoffs against the Cavaliers, and with him and Tatum on the roster, the Bulls have a chance to win.

But Lillaid is not done.

He will have his contract renewed in 2019 and will be able to sign with another team if the Bulls win their next game, which could be the NBA Finals