It’s easy to get carried away with the new girl in your life.

We get it, you want to get to know someone.

You want to go to a concert with a girl who looks like you.

You just want to feel special, right?

And we can see the potential.

We can see you in a tuxedo or a princess suit and we can even get a glimpse of your hair or make out in your car.

But, we’ve also got to admit, sometimes we’re just so focused on our looks, it can be difficult to catch ourselves looking at the girls in our lives.

We’re too busy having fun and being in a good mood.

We just want the girl we’re looking for, and if you’re feeling that way, here are the best and most practical ways to get yourself ready for the Toronto vs. Los Angeles game.

If you’re looking to dress up for the Raptors or the Orlando Magic, here’s the easiest way to get ready.


Find a girl in a dress 2.

Take her to a movie theatre 3.

Go to a bar 4.

Take a selfie 5.

Watch a movie 6.

Watch some TV with your girl in it 7.

Go for a walk with your new girl 8.

Watch an old movie with your girlfriend 9.

Go shopping with your sister 10.

Take your little girl to the mall 11.

Take out a date with your little friend 12.

Go out with your friends 13.

Go on a date 14.

Go fishing 15.

Go camping 16.

Go hiking 17.

Play a board game with your kid 18.

Go skiing 19.

Play tennis with your daughter 20.

Take an ice skating class 21.

Play golf 22.

Go dancing with your dog 23.

Take on a mini golf tournament 24.

Go surfing with your puppy 25.

Go swimming with your cat 26.

Take part in a water skiing contest 27.

Take advantage of a charity auction with your pet 28.

Take in some theatre artsy fun with your friend 29.

Go horseback riding 30.

Take it easy at the pool 31.

Get a haircut with your mom or dad 32.

Dress up as a dragon 33.

Take pictures of your pet with your baby 34.

Go skating in your backyard 35.

Take some more pictures 36.

Go biking 37.

Go diving 38.

Go snowboarding 39.

Take the dog for a ride 40.

Take to the beach with your family 41.

Take you little girl out for a stroll 42.

Play in the park with your parents 43.

Go sledding 44.

Go ice skating 45.

Go sailing with your son 46.

Take someone on a beach walk 47.

Take them on a cruise with your grandparents 48.

Take one of your favorite friends to a theatre show 49.

Take photos of your dog for the whole family 50.

Take selfies with your kids 51.

Go in the movie theater 52.

Go skateboarding with your buddy 53.

Go water skiing 54.

Take yoga class 55.

Go golfing with your father 56.

Take backpacking 57.

Go scuba diving 58.

Go yoga in the ocean 59.

Take swimming class 60.

Go hunting 61.

Take tennis in the water 62.

Go bowling 63.

Take sailing 64.

Take horseback ride 65.

Take batting practice 66.

Take snowboarding 67.

Take hiking 68.

Take camping 69.

Take ice skating 70.

Take volleyball 71.

Take golfing 72.

Take skiing 73.

Take fishing 74.

Take archery 75.

Take bowling 76.

Take surfing 77.

Take biking 78.

Take soccer 79.

Take rugby 80.

Take weightlifting 81.

Take ballet 82.

Take beach volleyball 83.

Take cycling 84.

Take rowing 85.

Take wrestling 86.

Take cross country skiing 87.

Take hockey 88.

Take basketball 89.

Take sprinting 90.

Take canoeing 91.

Take downhill skiing 92.

Take roller derby 93.

Take indoor swimming 94.

Take outdoor swimming 95.

Take ski jumping 96.

Take skydiving 97.

Take scuba dive 98.

Take kite surfing 99.

Take parasailing 100.

Take nautical diving 101.

Take fly fishing 102.

Take water skiing 103.

Take skateboarding 104.

Take bungee jumping 105.

Take bike riding 106.

Take mountain biking 107.

Take triathlon 108.

Take swim in the lake 109.

Take windsurfing 110.

Take board game 105.

Go archery 106.

Go football 107.

Go soccer 108.

Go basketball 109.

Go track and field 110.

Go volleyball 110.

Walk around the block 112.

Go mountain biking 113.

Take football 114.

Go hockey 115.

Take taekwondo 116.

Take kickboxing 117.

Take boxing 118.

Take snooker 119.

Take baseball 120.

Take lacrosse 121.

Take judo 122.

Take dance 123.

Take handball 124.

Take wheelchair basketball 125.

Take gymnastics 126.

Take fencing 127.

Take tae kwon do 128.

Take discus 129.

Take pole vault 130. Take