By Kyle Weidie and Brian WindhorstNew York Knicks forward J.T. Malone (right) will wear the Nets jersey during the NBA Summer League.

Malone’s jersey, which is a version of the Nets’ classic logo with a new logo on the shoulders, will be unveiled at a later date. 

“I just love the style of the jersey,” Malone said of his new look.

“The whole look of it is new.

I think it’s a cool look.

I’m just excited to get on the court and get it out on the floor and get everybody to get used to it.”

Malone has yet to practice in the Nets uniform.

He is a free agent this summer and the Nets have already committed to keeping him for another season.

Malone is a two-time NBA champion, the only player to win two championships with the Brooklyn franchise. 

The Nets have used Malone’s old uniform since 2007, but they’ve only used the logo once since Malone joined the team in 2011.

The team had a pair of black jerseys with a white logo in the 2014-15 season.