By Ryan M. KellyAUSTIN, Texas (AP) Durant has an enormous fan base, and that means there’s a lot going on around the jersey.

It’s a unique jersey and it has a huge number of people on it.

The Durant jersey, which is currently up for auction, has been on sale for nearly two months, and it’s currently worth $3.9 million.

That includes the $5.5 million it would take to buy a new jersey.

Durant is the highest-paid player in the NBA.

He has $30.5 billion in salary.

The Cavs, who signed Durant as a free agent in 2017, are the most valuable team in NBA history, with a record $2.6 billion.

The Warriors, who won the NBA championship in 2017 and are in the middle of a seven-game winning streak, are at $1.7 billion.

Duran’s jersey has become a huge part of the sports world, especially among basketball fans.

The jersey’s size, the gold color scheme, the “Golden State Warriors” in gold and silver, the big red letters that read “COYOTE” are the trademarks of the NBA Players Association.

It also features a basketball’s logo and the hashtag #COYOTECH.

“I’ve always been a huge Durant fan, and I’ve seen this jersey for a while and it just really resonated with me,” said Mike Cavanaugh, a college basketball fan who owns a sports bar in Austin.

“I was so excited to get the jersey and see if it had any potential.”

Cavanaugh bought the jersey for $3,500, and he has since seen his number on eBay.

Cavanaugh said the jersey has some sentimental value to him, since it’s not the first time Durant has worn the number.

“He’s got a lot more fans than just me, so I’ve got a pretty good track record of seeing his jersey on eBay and seeing that it’s a hot item,” he said.

“It was just kind of fun to see the excitement in the crowd when it came up for sale, seeing how excited everyone was to see it come up for bidding,” he added.