Angelina’s apartment was recently sold and now it’s up for grabs.

Now, the Hollywood star wants you to take her advice to heart.

Read moreWhat are the best apartment options in LA?

It’s hard to pin down the best apartments in LA, but here are a few things to keep in mind.1.

The Best Beds in LA Are Not In The CityIf you’re looking for a cheap, spacious, and cozy apartment in LA that you can call home, you’re in luck.

Here are a couple of options:If you don’t have a lot of space to move around, there are plenty of other options in the city.

The Los Angeles County Fairgrounds is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in the world, with the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment on the fairgrounds currently around $1,300.2.

The Cost of Living Is HighIn addition to being one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods, Los Angeles is also one of its priciest cities.

The median house price in Los Angeles in 2015 was $1.3 million, according to Zillow.

That’s a price tag that’s up from $826,000 in 2007.

If you’re not sure what to expect, the median house prices for homes in Los Angelenos are up 10 percent since 2008.3.

Renters Are Getting RejectedWhen Angelina and her husband bought their $3.4 million home in Beverly Hills, they had a lot going for them.

Angelina says that her husband would come home with a few pounds of gold and jewelry from New York and the couple would be able to live comfortably in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, that lifestyle has changed in recent years.

In 2014, Angelina filed for bankruptcy and moved into an apartment at a lower-priced neighborhood called The Avalon, which has recently been renovated and is now available for rent.

This is one area that Angelina is considering moving into in the future.4.

Angelinas Favorite Place In LAIs Los Angeles.

So why is it so expensive?

There are a number of reasons that Angelinas home is expensive.

Angelenos tend to have higher incomes than residents of other parts of the country, so they tend to spend more on their homes.

Angelos salary is much lower than most of the other residents, and it means that the majority of the budget is covered by their personal savings account.

The average cost of a one-bedroom rental apartment in Los Angles is $1 million, but it’s expected to go up to $2 million in the next two years.5.

Angelino’s Beds Are Hard To Move IntoIf you want a place to stay for longer, Angelino has a few suggestions for you.

She suggests renting out the first bedroom and a second bedroom in her apartment in order to keep the cost of living down.

The first bedroom in Angelinas apartment has been renovated in order for the second to be an apartment of its own.6.

Angelinas Style Is Not A Favorite If you live in Hollywood, you probably already know that Angelino is a fierce fan of her hair style.

Angeline loves to go with a simple look with a bang.

Here’s what she’s got to say about it:Angelina’s favorite thing about living in Hollywood is the beach.

She said that she likes to go on a vacation to Hawaii, but prefers to stay at home when she does.

If there are no beachfront homes available, Angelin says that she enjoys going to Disney World.

Angelini is also the only person in the United States who can afford to live in her favorite place in Hollywood.7.

You Can Find Some Affordable RentalsIn order to make your rent affordable, you should look for properties with affordable rents.

If your budget is limited, you can rent out a space in a house or apartment in a neighborhood with a low vacancy rate.

You can also look for places with a great proximity to downtown Los Angeles or other parts in the area that are close to amenities like shopping malls.

If Angelina had a smaller budget, she’d consider a one bedroom apartment that was less expensive, but you can also rent out one of her favorite spots, the Beverly Hilton, if you want to stay a bit more isolated.

Angelina is currently looking for two more apartments in Beverly Heights, but she says that those aren’t going to be easy to find.

She’s currently looking at two locations:One of the two properties in Beverly, which is located in a different neighborhood, has a vacancy rate of just 2.2 percent.

The other is located just a few blocks away, but the vacancy rate is only 4.1 percent.

Angelinian told Vulture that she is currently considering moving to a location closer to the downtown area and her home in Hollywood to keep things more affordable.8.

Angelinos Parents Are Getting The Last WordThe last thing Angelina wants is for you