How do we choose between these two new jerseys?

The old ones will be available on sale at 10am AEDT tomorrow and the new ones are expected to arrive in stores in late February.

The two are expected in similar styles and will be the same price.

The new jerseys will feature a more traditional design with a traditional crest, which was first used in 2002.

The crest is the same design as the old logo. 

The new designs look similar, with the number 14 used in a bolder manner.

The numbers are joined by a black star on the front.

It is the new crest that will be unveiled at the grand opening of the jerseys in the National Football League (NFL).

The new jersey was announced at a press conference in Sydney on Thursday morning and will have a range of colours.

The first of the two new NRL jerseys is expected to go on sale in mid February.

The AFL is also expected to unveil a new set of jerseys this week, which is likely to be a red, white and blue set.

The 2017 NRL season kicked off on January 29.