A new Vinny jerseys range of $200-$500 is hitting stores this week, and they’re selling out fast.

That’s a massive jump from the previous week, when Vinny sold out at the rate of 1,000 a day.

The Vinny range is the third largest range of Vinny apparel, after the Nike range and the adidas range.

They’re selling for $250 a pop, which is about a third of the Nike average of $350.

The Nike range has also started to sell out, with Vinny going on sale today.

Nike also announced a few more Vinny releases today: a Nike SB Dunk High top with a black and white color scheme and a Nike Air Max 1.0 midsole.

The adidas SB Dunk midsole has a white, white and blue color scheme.

The other new releases are the Vinny OG and Vinny SB Dunk Low.

The OG and Low have a black leather and rubber sole, while the SB Dunk Midsole has black leather with rubber soles.

The Adidas SB Dunk Ultra Low is available now and has black rubber soled and white leather.

Nike’s Vinny line of jerseys will start at $180.