LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson took to Instagram to share a video of him taking his jersey off to a new set of teammates during an Instagram event with a Los Angeles Times reporter.

The player posted the video on Wednesday, with a caption of “Theres a lot of new stuff with you guys!”

The Times said Clarkson wore the jersey to the Los Angeles Clippers’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night.

He wore the Lakers’ new jersey, with the team logo on the chest and the Lakers logo on his jersey sleeve.

Lakers coach Luke Walton said in a tweet that Clarkson took the jersey off and then the team went back to the locker room.

He said the player did not have a problem with the new jersey.

The Los Angeles Kings are preparing for the 2019-20 season in what will be their first trip to the 2020 Olympics.

The Kings, who have a chance to win a gold medal at the Games, are scheduled to play the New York Knicks on Sunday.