By Mike LohnsThe NHL season is over.

That’s right.

After three seasons in which the league has been the most popular league in the world, the NBA and the NBA All-Star Game are the only other two sports with any real interest in the NBA.

It’s not even close.

It just seems that the NHL is doing OK, with the league winning the most awards in the history of the game, as well as the most regular season games.

But if you want to look at this from the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find that the NFL has only managed to maintain its dominance, while the NBA’s dominance is almost certainly over.

This year, the NHL has won six of the seven awards that are voted on by the owners of the league’s 16 teams.

In other words, the league is the most dominant in the NHL in the entire sport, even though the NHL itself has a record of having only one trophy in its history, which is the Stanley Cup.

The league’s most recent award, for most regular-season games played, was the most valuable prize in the sport this year, and that was awarded to the New York Rangers.

That is, until the NHL announced it would award the trophy to the Los Angeles Kings, who finished last in the Western Conference and finished a full point behind the Rangers in the standings.

In the final standings, the Los Angels had the most points (14) and the least wins (9) of any team, so the Stanley of Anaheim will take home the crown this year.

What makes the Stanley different from all other awards in this season’s competition is that the league does not award a prize for the best goal.

Rather, the award is awarded for the “most valuable player on the ice.”

So, this year the league will award the Stanley as the NHL MVP, which will be determined by an annual poll.

There will be some who will argue that the MVP award should be decided by an individual’s performance on the field, but that argument would be silly.

While some might think that an MVP award is a good way to determine a team’s best player, there is no evidence that that is true.

The NHL has never been a team-based award, and if the award were based on individual performance, the Rangers and Kings would have won the award in the last three years.

Instead, the best player on an NHL team is determined by their performance on an individual level.

That being said, it’s interesting to look back at the past few years of award winners.

The most valuable player award went to the most productive player of the past 10 years, Sidney Crosby, for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Crosby had a season that was the highlight of his career, leading the Penguins to a second straight Stanley Cup in 2013, but his overall impact was minimal.

He led the NHL with 19 goals and only six assists.

He was also only a point-per-game player in that time, as the Penguins won the Presidents’ Trophy and were one of the favorites to win the Stanley.

The award also went to Mike Richards for the Dallas Stars.

Richards was the face of the franchise, and the NHL had a record-setting season, finishing with an 81-game winning streak.

But the real MVP of the season was Sergei Gonchar, who had 18 goals and 42 assists for a career-high 51 points.

The only player to win a Norris Trophy in his first season in the league was Wayne Gretzky, who was a Norris winner in 1988 and had a career year in 1994.

The fact that the Norris award was awarded this year is surprising, considering the Penguins had the second-most points in the conference and the Stars were in second place in the West.

So, while there may be some interest in this year’s award, it shouldn’t be taken as a sign that the current Norris winner, Crosby, is the best in the game.

The best player is determined at the individual level and there are more important awards to be given than the MVP.

The Stanley is still the most important prize in sports.

The other most important award is the Norris Trophy, which goes to the player who is best in his or her career at that position.

So far, this season the only player who has won that award is Mike Modano.

The two most recent Norris winners were Paul Coffey in 2005 and Dustin Byfuglien in 2009.

The three players who have won it in the past decade have been Wayne Gretman in 1994, Bobby Orr in 1994 and Ryan Suter in 2013.

The players with the most goals scored in the regular season this season are Wayne Gretzer, Bobby Hull, and Wayne Gretzinski.

It is important to remember that this award is not the only one that is awarded.

It also does not determine the winner of the Art Ross Trophy, given to the best defenseman in the American League.

That award goes