The Atlanta Hawks are coming off of their second consecutive win over the Boston Celtics. 

 The Hawks are up 3-0 after a five-minute stretch, and now sit at 1-0 on the season. 

The Celtics have won four of their last six games, with a win on Wednesday night marking their second win in as many games. 

On Thursday night, they were also able to win in double overtime in the Celtics-Knicks game. 

There was a lot of momentum going into the game, and while the Hawks were able to get off to a slow start, it wasn’t to last. 

In the second quarter, Boston’s Brandon Bass went down with an apparent leg injury, and the Hawks needed a big stop to get back into the contest. 

They were able get that done, but in the third quarter, the Hawks got caught in the crossfire of a Celtics three-pointer and missed their third straight. 

That led to the Hawks taking a 7-2 lead with 12:18 left in the game.

The Celtics responded with a 17-4 run that eventually gave the Hawks their first lead of the game at 12.3 points. 

Despite the lead, the Celtics continued to play hard and kept playing well, including shooting a team-high 50.3 percent from the field. 

And when the Hawks finally got going, it was enough to make things interesting. 

After the first quarter, Matt Bonner’s three-point play gave the Celtics the lead for good, 21-16. 

A three-pointers attempt from Danny Green and an alley-oop from Jaylen Brown cut the deficit to 22-19. 

Bass then went down in the first half with an ankle injury and missed the rest of the contest, so the Hawks had to do some heavy lifting in the second half. 

When Bass was back, the team was able to put together an 11-0 run to give the Hawks a 21-17 lead. 

While Boston got back in the act, the third-year Hawks had a chance to tie the game late in the quarter. 

With 6:37 left in regulation, Atlanta took a nine-point lead, but Boston went on a 9-2 run to extend the lead to 13. 

But in the final minutes, the two teams traded points in a big fashion. 

Both teams scored 12 points in the fourth quarter, and it was the Hawks who came out on top when Green missed a jumper with 9:10 remaining in regulation. 

However, Boston would get the ball back in a close game, as the Celtics took a 31-20 lead on a three-on-one play with 6:02 left. 

Boston scored the next eight points of the quarter, putting the Hawks up 46-28. 

At the end of the first overtime, the game was tied at 49-49. 

Two quick Hawks baskets from Green and Brown gave the team a 61-51 lead, with Bonner hitting a 3-pointer with 6.5 seconds remaining to give Boston a 50-49 lead.

 That would change with 4:11 remaining in the period. 

Atlanta answered with a 7, but a 3 from Bass gave the Cavaliers the ball in the paint and the two went for a jump shot. 

Not being able to make it, the Cavs went back for a layup. 

For the next five minutes, it seemed like the game would be over. 

It would go down to the wire, as Boston pulled away in the last few seconds. 

Things would end up looking like that. 

Tristan Thompson was fouled, and he was able, along with Bonnar Brown, to get to the free throw line for a one-handed slam on James Johnson. 

Johnson had no chance to get the rebound. 

Williams went off for an offensive rebound, but the Cavs hit the free throws, sending the game into overtime. 

So how did this happen? 

Boston had a lot to work with. 

This is a team that has been on fire in the post all year long, so it was really no surprise when they got some points.

The Hawks did a great job of controlling the boards and limiting the amount of points Boston was able in the early going. 

Also, Boston had to go through a lot, with just under two minutes to play. 

Even with the extra minutes, they still got some stops and steals. 

By the end, the pressure was on Boston to make the most of their opportunities, but they were able make some of those plays. 

Once Boston was in control, they could capitalize on their chances and keep it close. 

One of the key plays in the end came off a turnover by a Boston possession, as Matt Bonnar and Jaylen Bass were able the rebound off of the ball and hit the buzzer for a three. 

Another key