Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron is out for the season after he was accused of slapping teammate Devin Smith on the face during the Dolphins’ 28-21 victory over the Dolphins on Sunday night.

Smith, who is recovering from a torn ACL suffered in the first half of Sunday’s game, said Cameron hit him in the face with his hand and that he didn’t deserve the hit.

Cameron was not penalized.

The league has suspended Cameron for two games.

The Dolphins are scheduled to play the New York Jets in Week 17.

Smith and Cameron, both 23, are on injured reserve with their careers in jeopardy.

Smith was the Dolphins second-leading receiver with 571 yards and eight touchdowns in 2016.

He was one of the NFL’s most dynamic receivers in 2015, when he rushed for 1,849 yards and 19 touchdowns.

He had a career-high eight touchdowns last season, but the season ended in Week 6 because of an Achilles tendon injury.

After the game, Cameron told reporters he didn�t feel any pain.

Cameron also said he didn �t have any kind of reaction to the play.

I just knew that it was the right call.

He�d definitely be fine.

He just felt a little bit of a bump on his face, so he probably was like, `What�s going on?’

I think he just felt the contact and went to get help.

I guess he just wants to play football and he wants to be a part of this team,� Smith said.

The Dolphins are 3-7 this season.

The Jets are 3 of 8.