The ‘Mental’ Men’s Cycling jersey, which has already seen an increase in sales, has been spotted on the racks of some of the retailers in South Africa’s capital city Johannesburg.

The brand’s marketing materials also reveal that the new jerseys will be available in select retailers in Europe.

However, while the brand is aiming to make a profit by selling the jerseys, the fact that they are being sold on shelves and racks, and not through the online store, makes it clear that the products are still in production.

According to a spokesperson for the brand, the brand’s aim was to keep the price of the jerseys low and focus on “the next-generation, high-quality, comfortable and stylish products that we believe are the best value for the consumers”.

The brand’s brand director, Christian Gendre, told Quartz that the brand has “not only increased sales, but also our sales volume”.

He said that “Mens is a new product in the market and we are happy to be the first to offer it”.

But, the spokesperson added, the company has been selling the product on a “pre-order basis” since the beginning of the year, and is “working towards the launch of the new jersey at retailers in the coming weeks”.

In terms of sales volume, the spokesman said that while the company had sold over 1.5 million of the jersey since the first day it was launched, the product “is currently only available to retailers in Johannesburg”.

He also said that the company is “currently looking to expand our distribution to other markets”.

But he did not clarify if the brand was looking to sell its new product to consumers in Europe, the US, Australia, South Africa, India, Brazil and beyond.