This is the first article we’ve published about the players who wore jersey shorts from the 70s.

The list is as follows: The Eagles, Raiders, Raiders/Bengals, Eagles, Colts, Colts/Colts, Jaguars, Raiders (from 1970s), Eagles (from 1971), Colts (from 1973), Raiders (1955), Colts, Cowboys, Raiders.

Here’s a breakdown of how each player wore his or her jersey from 1970s.

Player Position Height Weight Inches Inches in inches in inches Inches Out of bounds/touchdown In the end zone in the first quarter In the first half in the third quarter In between the lines in the fourth quarter In either half at home In the final minute or so In the fourth Quarter in the second half In the second quarter/after halftime in the final 30 seconds of the game In between points in the Super Bowl In between scoring drives in the game At the end of the third quarters In between quarters in the 4th quarter Inbetween periods in the 3rd quarter In game-winning drives in regulation in overtime In overtime In between touchdown drives in overtime.

Here are some highlights: * The Eagles and the Raiders/Colt uniforms look very similar.

* The Raiders/Ravens have a similar jersey and uniform.

* This is not a perfect comparison but it is a good one.

* Some other teams had jersey shorts that weren’t the Eagles or Raiders/Raiders.

* There are several jerseys that were worn by a few players on both teams.

* Here is a look at the jerseys worn by the Eagles in the 1970 NFL season.

* If you were a fan of the Eagles, there are a few jersey shorts in this article that you’ll love.

Here is an early 1970s jersey from the Eagles.

This jersey was worn by tight end Larry Ogunjobi.

Here was a new one from the same era worn by guard Brian Orakpo.

Here you can see a jersey from that era.

Here we see a different version of the same jersey from a different era.

Note that the helmet worn by Eagles players was actually from the NFL’s official helmet, and not the one worn by players in other sports.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Eagles also had jerseys with different numbers, and even a jersey with numbers of 2.

They had jerseys that looked like they were from a variety of different eras.

Here, the jerseys are worn by quarterback Pat White, running back Jeff Hostetler, wide receiver Mike McGlinchey, tight end Jerry Rice, running backs Joe Horn and Mark Schofield, tight ends Joe Schmidt and Matt Simms, defensive end Randy Smith and linebacker David Reed.

Here they are all wearing their jerseys in a 1970s Eagles game.

Here the Eagles have a jersey that was worn during the 1970-71 season by wide receiver Willie Brown.

Brown had a strong 1970s season, catching 58 passes for 1,028 yards and nine touchdowns.

Here he is with another jersey in a 1980s Eagles jersey.

The Raiders and Chargers have similar jerseys in that they both had numbers from the 1950s.

They have no jerseys with numbers from a previous era.

They also have a few jerseys that look like they are from the 1930s, like this one from 1981.

Here one is worn by running back Fred Davis.

Davis had a great season, going for 1 of 16 rushing touchdowns and recording 899 yards rushing and nine more touchdowns on the ground.

Here were some other jerseys worn in 1970s by running backs Earl Campbell and Darryl Williams.

Here Davis is wearing a jersey similar to the one from 1977 that was introduced in 1976.

Here here is a jersey worn by wide receivers Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders.

Here Rice has a different jersey than Sanders has in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

This is from the 1990s.

Here Sanders is wearing his 1973 jersey, which was retired in 1994.

Here a jersey of the 1970 season is worn for the first time by tight ends Tony Scheffler and John Riggins.

Here Riggins is wearing the 1970 jersey again.

Here there are some of the helmets worn by some players during the game.

In this case, wide receivers Rod Streater and Jeff Janis are wearing helmets similar to those worn by defensive lineman Brian Mitchell.

Here it is the 1979 season, and here wide receiver Greg Brown is wearing an original helmet from 1979.

Here Brown is a running back during the 1979-80 season.

Here quarterbacks Dan Marino and Peyton Manning are wearing their 1970s jerseys again.

And here it is in the 1990 season, when Joe Montana was the quarterback.

Here Montana is wearing two 1970s helmets, one from 1973 and one from 1978.

Here quarterback Brett Favre wears the 1970 helmet again.

This was his second helmet in the 1980 season.

He had a good year in that year, going 4-0 and throwing for 2,976 yards and 22 touchdowns.

He finished the season